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제목 [Biolegend] APC/FireTM 750 Antibody 출시
글쓴이 학술부 작성일 2016-03-30 16:32:35

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APC/FireTM 750 Antibody 출시



  • Increased long-term storage, photostability and temperature-stability.
  • Lower APC compensation requirements (compared to APC/Cy7).
  • Lower non-specific background staining of monocytes.
  • Brightness comparable to APC/Cy7.

APC/Fire™ 750 Data
Improved Stability
Minimal Spillover into APCAPC/Fire™ 750 Brightness Comparison
Excitation/Emission Spectra
APC/Fire™ 750 Antibodies
Human Mouse
SpecificityClone SpecificityClone
CD4SK3 CD8a53-6.7
CD8SK1 CD11bM1/70
CD1463D3 CD11cN418
CD15W6D3 CD4530-F11
CD19SJ25C1 CD45R/B220RA3-6B2
CD202H7 Isotype Controls
CD565.1H11 SpecificityClone
HLA-DRL243 Mouse IgG1, κMOPC-21
IFN-γ4S.B3 Mouse IgG2a, κMOPC-173
   Mouse IgG2b, κMPC-11
   Rat IgG2a, κRTK2758
   Rat IgG2b, κRTK4530

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