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Biolegend ѱ븮 - New FC Antibody
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New FC Antibody

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APC anti-mouse CD278 (ICOS) Antibody

Cat No. 107711, 107712

Description : CD278 is a 47-57 kD protein, also known as inducible costimulatory molecule (ICOS), or H4. This protein is homologous to the CD28/CTLA-4 proteins. It forms homodimers and is expressed on activated T cells and a subset of thymocytes. It is able to costimulate T cells proliferation. In addition, ICOS has been shown to be involved in humoral immune responses (B cell germinal center formation). The ICOS ligand is B7-H2. ICOS stimulation has been shown to potentiate TCR-mediated IL-4 and IL-10 production and has been proposed to play a role in Th2 cell development. It has also been shown to be involved in airway tolerance and the downregulation of pulmonary inflammation.

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Brilliant Violet 785 anti-human CD314 (NKG2D) Antibody

Cat No. 320829, 320830

Description : CD314 is a homodimeric C-type lectin-like protein also known as NKG2D. It is expressed on NK cells, CD8+ T cells, / T cells, and in vitro induced LAK cells. Several molecules have been identified as the ligands for NKG2D, including MHC class-I chain-related protein A (MICA), MICB, and UL16-binding proteins (ULBPs). NKG2D has no intrinsic signaling capacity, but attains this by non-covalent association with DAP10 or DAP12 adaptors. In addition to being a primary activation receptor on NK cells, NKG2D is also a costimulatory receptor for TCR-mediated T cell proliferation and cytokine production. The interaction of NKG2D with its ligands plays a role in the immune surveillance against pathogen and tumor cells, and in the pathogenesis of autoimmune diseases.

APC anti-mouse CD278 (ICOS) Antibody15F9
Brilliant Violet 785 anti-human CD314 (NKG2D) Antibody1D11
Brilliant Violet 421 anti-human CD210 (IL-10 R) Antibody 3F9
APC anti-mouse CD215 (IL-15R) Antibody 6B4C88
PE anti-TCF1 (TCF7) Antibody7F11A10
Purified anti-TFEB AntibodyA17106C
PE anti-mouse TCR V6.3 Antibody C504.17C
APC anti-mouse IL-33R (ST2) Antibody DIH4
FITC anti-human Sialyl Lewis X (dimeric) Antibody FH6
APC anti-human CD85j (ILT2) AntibodyGHI/75
APC anti-human TCR V13.1 Antibody H131
PE/Cy7 anti-IRF4 Antibody IRF4.3E4
Alexa Fluor 700 anti-human CD56 (NCAM) Recombinant Antibody QA17A16
PE/Cy7 anti-human TRA-1-60-R Antibody TRA-1-60-R

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