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제목 28 Annual meeting of The Korean Society for Brain and Neural Sciences 전시회 참석
글쓴이 학술부 작성일 2018-05-21 16:26:06

Biocloe-Biolegend  가 공동으로  28차 Annual meeting of The Korean Society for Brain and Neural Sciences 전시회에 참석합니다

일시: Aug 30-31일,2018

장소 :그랜드힐튼 서울호텔

참조: www.bioclone.co.kr




Program at a Glance

TimeHall 1Hall 2Hall 3Hall 4
09:00-09:20Opening Ceremony 
09:20-11:00Symposium 1
Neural Circuits Underlying Emotion and the Related Disorders
Symposium 2
Synaptic and Circuit Pathophysiology of Brain Disorder 
Symposium 3
Sensory Processing Disorders and Mouse Model System
Symposium 4
Visual Representations of Space in the Human Brain: Insights from Nonhuman Animals
11:20-12:10Plenary Lecture (Hall1+Hall2)
Robert Malenka (Stanford University)
12:10-13:10LunchLuncheon SeminarLunch
13:10-13:50Keynote Lecture I (Hall 1+Hall 2)
Allan Basbaum (UCSF)
13:50-14:50Exhibition & Poster Presentation I (Emerald Hall)
14:50-16:30Symposium 5
Thalamocortical Circuit: from Sensory Relay to Higher Cognitive Function
Symposium 6
Korea-China Joint Colloquium: New Frontiers in Vision Research
Symposium 7
Peripheral Glia and Neuropathy
Symposium 8
Bi-directional Brain Machine Interface toward Safer and More Efficient Neural Prosthetics
16:50-18:30Symposium 9
Behavioral Connectome of Invertebrate Brains
Symposium 10
KBRI 6th Anniversary Symposium: Neurobiology of Aging Brain
Symposium 11
New Insights & Biotechnologies in Parkinson’s Disease 
Symposium 12
Understanding Nociceptive Transmission and Pain Circuit
18:30-20:30Scitech Korea Young Scienctist Awar

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