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[Biolegend]Tag-it Violoe Proliferation & cell Tracking Dye
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Cell Labeling Probes
Tag-it Violet
Proliferation & cell Tracking Dye

Cell Labeling Probes - Cell Proliferation Assays


Cell proliferation dyes are retained in the cell, even after cell division. Thus, each generation has half of the fluorescence as the preceding one. The number of cell divisions can be tracked, based on the continual halving of the fluorescence in each subsequent generation.


Mouse splenocytes stained with 5 µM Tag-it Violet without stimulation (left) or subsequently stimulated with 5 µg/mL ConA and 20 µg/mL IL-2 for 4 days (right).

Cell Tracking

  • in vitro experiments

 ex) monitoring chemotaxis of a cell                     

  • in vivo experiments

ex) detection of injected Tag-it-stained immune cells in tumor tissue

Mouse spleen 72 hours after adoptive transfer of

Tag-it Violet-labeled splenocytes (purple).

Nucleated cells are stained using 25 µM DRAQ5 (Red).

Image captured at 40X magnification.

DyeCat No.ExcitationEmissionApplicationsNotes
Tag-it Violet Proliferation and Cell Tracking Dye                                425101405 nm450 nmLong-term cell trackingCell membrane permeant.
Cell proliferationBinds to cytoplasmic proteins.
Viability and Cell HealthHigh concentrations may affect cell viability.

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